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Our Company

Sto® of NJ, Inc. and Sto Eastern, Inc. are one of

the leading distributors of STO® products in the

United States serving the Tri-Sate Area since 1980. 

History of STO® began in 1835, as a​ lime and

cement works in Weizen, Germany.  From these

humble beginnings, to the invention and introduction

of STOTherm EIFS™ to Europe in 1963, STO® 

emerged as a world market leader and innovator in

thermal insulation products as well as a coating and

restoration systems with over 60 subsidiaries

and distribution partners worldwide.

In 1979 STO® established a subsidiary in the ​

United States with STO® of NJ, Inc. and STO®

Eastern, Inc. as one of its original product distributors​

that were instrumental in keeping and ​preserving ​

STO®  presence in the United States.

Since 1980, we owe our existence to customer

loyalty earned by our commitment to excellent

service and unequal value and quality of ​STO®

products.  This ongoing success would not be

possible without our highly trained and loyal

employees driven by the needs of our customers.

Our expert sales team offers personalized

service to each customer in utmost ethical and

professional manner.

We served the Tri-State area for ​30 years and

we are ready to serve you.  Share in our success.

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