Look no further for the right solutions for your projects.  STO® offers energy efficient exterior insulation EIFS and Stucco cladding systems with air or moisture barriers and coatings that will give you the finishing touch you are

looking for.  Our full line of EIFS and stucco repair products will meet all your restoration and repair needs.


Cladding Systems

• Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS)​​

          • StoTherm NExT ​

            (with StoGuard Moisture Protection)​

          • StoTherm​

          • Other StoTherm EIFS

• Cement Board Stucco

          • StoQuik Silver NExT​

          • StoQuik Silver NExT DrainScreen​

          • StoQuik Silver NExT Ventilated

          • StoQuik Silver

• Stucco

          • StoPowerwall NExT

          • StoPowerwall NExT DrainScreen​

          • StoPowerwall

          • StoPowerwall Insulated

• Specialty Exterior Finish Options

          • Sto Limestone Finish

          • Sto Decocoat

          • Sto GraniTex

          • StoTique

          • StoCreative Granite

          • StoCreative Brick

          • StoQuick Gold System for Soffits



Air and Moisture Barriers

• Vapor Permeable Systems

          • StoGuard with GoldCoat

          • StoGuard with EmeraldCoat

          • Alternate Joint/

            Rough Opening Treatment

• Vapor Barrier Systems

          • StoGuard with VaporSeal

          • Alternate Joint/

            Rough Opening Treatment


• Primers

          • Sto Primer Sand

          • Sto Primer Smooth

          • Sto Primer Creativ

          • Sto Hot Prime

 • Acrylic Coating

          • StoCoat Lotusan Low VOC

          • StoCoat Lotusan​

          • StoCoat Color

          • StoCoat Color Sand

          • StoCoat Acryl

          • StoCoat Acryl Plus

          • StoCoat Metallic

          • StoCoat Texture Fine

          • StoCoat Texture Medium

          • StoCoat Texture Coarse

• Elastomeric Coatings

          • Stolastic Smooth

          • Stolastic Sand

          • StoSilco Lastic



• Surface Prep Products

          • Sto Leveler

          • Sto Plex W

          • Sto Watertight Coat

• EIFS, Stucco and Concrete Repair Products

          • Sto Acrylic Urethane Sealer

          • Sto Skim Coat

          • Sto Flexible Crack Filler


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